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Specialized treatments for various types of thyroid problems

Our general surgeon, who has professional thyroid surgical knowledge and technical expertise provides comprehensive and less traumatic minimally invasive surgeries.



Goiter is a condition where enlargement of the thyroid gland causes swelling in the neck. It is a form of hyperplasia of the thyroid gland, and occurs more often among females. In Hong Kong, patients usually suffer from this condition due to problems with their immune systems.



Does your heart race all the time? Or are you the kind who can eat all you want without gaining a single pound? Don’t be overjoyed too quickly, especially all you ladies out there, as this may be a sign of hyperthyroidism. The function of thyroid glands is to secrete thyroid hormones to regulate metabolism. If there are problems with the immune system, the thyroid glands may secrete excessive thyroid hormones, making the body feel like it is performing exercise.


Thyroid Cancer

Have a lump on your neck? Even if there is only one lump, one must not underestimate the risk it brings. This may be a sign of thyroid cancer, as malignant tumours may spread and create lumps at the lymph located in the neck.


Parathyroid Tumours

Bone fractures and sudden pain in the abdomen may seem like normal problems. However, this may ring an alarm, as it could be a sign of parathyroid tumours. Many people mistakenly believe that the parathyroid glands and thyroid glands are the same thing.